Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Carson's 1st Day of School

The tiny baby we held at the hospital 5 years ago started Kindergarten yesterday, and he had to be the cutest little guy in elementary (I am SO not biased...)!

Here he is with his Mario backpack:
We used my new silhouette to put his name on it in vinyl:

He posed a couple more times at the house for good measure:

His favorite new smirk to make:

I am all about sucking up to the teachers; a few extra brownie points never hurts at the start of the year!

We got the jars at Dollar Tree, baked some chocolate chip cookies, and downloaded the printable from here. It says "With you as my teacher, I'll be one smart cookie!" Carson has 2 teachers, one will teach in English half of his day, the other in only Spanish. His classmates are also a mixture of English/Spanish speaking children. By 5th grade he should be fluent in both languages. This is the only kindergarten class in our district to offer the Dual Language Program, and we are so thrilled he was accepted!

Brian met us from work with breakfast from McDonalds!

Carson was elated to finally be a "big kid" and wasn't the least bit nervous or scared. I did pretty well too, and only teared up twice the entire morning, which stopped after Brian and Carson started laughing at me!

We also saw my friend Jenny's daughters, Avery and Aubrey.

When I picked Carson up he said he had a great day!! He said his teacher was very nice and he didn't get any conduct marks. He played on the playground, cut, colored, glued, and his teacher read the class a couple of books. His very first school lunch consisted of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, oranges, and chocolate milk. (I think eating lunch in the cafeteria was his favorite part of the day) He also made a couple of friends, but hasn't learned their names, saying he needs "about 14 days to remember."


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of using the silhouette on the backpack! Cute!

Also (random) I am thinking of using Carey Anne for our Christmas pics this year and was going to mention that I "know" you, though technically I only know your husband and you via the blog! :)

The Scott Family said...

Thank you!

And yes, I feel the same about your family! Make sure to post your pictures so I can see!! :)

West of Home, South of Sanity said...

Love the idea of the cookie jars! Must steal and use for all of our teachers to keep our year SWEET! LOL