Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun Find Friday: Why Didn't I Think of That!?!

All of these pinterest finds fall into the ridiculous category of smart ideas that leave you wondering how you didn't come up with something so simple yourself. As always, websites can be found by clicking the underlined link.

Lose Something - pantyhose rubberbanded to the vacuum

Sunblocker - unhook the last ring from your curtain rod and hang it on the bracket. We did this in Deacon's room and you wouldn't believe how much darker it is a naptime!

Free Bag Clips - Cut off the ends of those cheap pant coathangers that you usually throw away

Lost Camera - On the first image for your new card take a picture of your contact information so that camera can be returned. This guy had a fun way of passing his message along, click the link to see the full image

Livestock Tank Swimming Pool - how awesome!

Cupcake Lids - Keep flies out of drinks at picnics, even cuter if you can match the party theme

Baby Food Jar - When painting a room pour some excess paint into baby food jar for quick, easy touch-ups. Website has lots of other great ideas.

Power Outage - Going out of town? What if the power goes out? How will you know if the food refreezes before your return? This is a genius idea! Freeze a jar of water on its side. Stand it back up. If the power goes out, the water will melt and freeze to the bottom of the jar.

Bucket Filling - For buckets that won't fit in the sink, use dust pan

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