Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Now that Carson is 4 we figured he was old enough to play sports. (We attempted t-ball at the YMCA last year without much success) Last week was his first practice (Thursday) and game (Saturday). I must say it was a win-win situation: Carson had a blast and the parents were HIGHLY entertained!

Carson and his team warming up

He was really good

We were fortunate to have our neighbor James sign up too and he was even placed on the same team! These two together are a hoot!

Carson's favorite position is goalie, and he did great at blocking all three balls that were kicked at him.

He and James were wore out from all that hard work! lol

At the end of practice the team had to decide a name. The coach (who is fabulous, I might add) let the kiddos pick. One kick said the "Purple Team" (their uniforms are red!), another kid said the "Orange Team." lol He had the kids name animals instead. Carson said "how about the 'Horses'?" Coach Mitchell, liked it and said "why don't we call ourselves the STALLIONS!!" Everyone loved it.

Next, all the kids lined up by height so that the uniforms could be passed out. Our poor son has our short genes and was officially the smallest on the team...

...he was still excited to get his uniform and his number. He is #2!

Our game was Saturday and we met before to decorate our cars for the "car parade." The parade consisted of us driving to the field together and honking our horns the whole way there. Carson was excited nonetheless.

I'm obviously no artist, seeing as the soccer ball looked more like a cross with a circle around it, but I tried

Proud Dad

Pops rode with us!
(Grandma & Grandpa were at the game too)

We arrived with plenty of time to warm up and for the rain to arrive...

Luckily, it wasn't raining bad enough for the game to be canceled, so we all just got a little damp.

The kids looked so cute in their uniforms!
The kids took turns playing all positions.

We were too busy videotaping, so we didn't get a lot of pictures during the game, but it was hilarious! Kids were running in the wrong direction and some were just standing around like there wasn't a game going on or anything.

Carson was focused. I told him before the game that where ever the ball went, he should stay right by it. That ball never left his sight. Even during one of the time outs, Carson didn't know what they were doing, only that there was an open ball. He got ahold of that ball and went straight to score a goal. lol

The whole game Carson kept saying he wanted to be goalie and at the end he finally got his chance! At practice he learned the "goalie stance," and stayed in that position the whole time he was in front of that goal.

Only one ball was shot at him and he missed it. He was so tore up over missing that goal he almost started crying. That is when I mentioned that he would receive a trophy at the end of the season. He perked right back up!

I don't think we were supposed to keep score, but my hyper-competitive dad did...we won 5-4!

Go Stallions!!

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