Sunday, April 25, 2010

Best Buds

We had a fun, busy weekend and lots of it was spent with our neighbors!

Carson and James are only a few days apart in age, so we were blessed with an instant playmate for Carson when we moved into our house three years ago.

They both played together in this weekends soccer game:

Caroline is James older sister, she is SO patient with these two wild monkeys! (Carson adores her too)

All the kids enjoyed their "daiquiris" after a round of bowling:

I think the boys downed theirs in about 2 minutes.
Carson has been begging us to play in the sprinkler for the past few months and today it was finally warm enough outside to put on his bathing suit! Melissa (James's mommy) was nice enough to let James come over and join the fun...

...and let me to stay [mostly] dry to take pictures.

I can't wait until Summer to see how much trouble these two can get into! ;)

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