Thursday, April 8, 2010


The night before Easter my nephews stayed over and we started off the holiday by dyeing Easter eggs. As you can see, females are definitely in the minority in our family now...

Deacon was more interested at staring at his toes, than the eggs.

Waiting for the eggs to dye.

Ethan provided us with some music while we worked. Doesn't he totally look like a teenager!?!

Our eggs:

The boys stayed up late playing wii, but eventually fell asleep so that the Easter Bunny could stop by. Carson got the "Cars" basket filled with Gormiti & Deacon received the chicken basket with some pacifiers, hats and a teether. Ethan had money in his basket and Austin's had Gormiti's too.

Deacon & Brian got dressed before we woke up the boys. I thought Carson & Brian looked so much alike, but I think Brian & Deacon look like twins!! They are so cute in their matching yellow outfits!

Carson was the first to hop out of bed to check out his Easter basket. He was thrilled to find new Gormiti's (yes, he is still obsessed!).
Then the boys hunted eggs. It was raining outside, so the Easter Bunny had to hide them in our house.

The boys were happy with their finds:

The rest of us got dressed for church and we had time to take our first family photos. (It is hard to pose two little boys!)

Our church service was awesome!! There were so many people there that they set up chairs in the lobby and we watched the service on the tv. Carson came out of his class and was excited to tell us "Jesus died on the cross for us!"
They looked so cute while we sat in the lobby, I just had to snap a picture of them. Deacon already loves Carson so much; look at him staring at his big brother!
Carson was so sweet and wanted to take a picture of his little brother. I think we may have a future photographer on our hands.
After church we went to Brian's parents for lunch and an egg hunt. Kollette is such a great cook, so we all filled up on yummy ham and sides before going outside (the weather ended up turing out gorgeous) to start the hunt.

After the kids finished hunting, they decided to hide eggs for the adults. Since I was hunting, I didn't get a chance to take pictures, but let's just say the adults didn't play fair & nice like our well-behaved children.

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