Thursday, December 31, 2009


For those of you who aren't aware: I am quite girly.

As a kid I refused to wear anything but dresses until about 5th grade, and spent my time playing house or school, and barbies, my little pony, and anything else pink that you could dress up or brush its hair.

Saying that I am still a little shocked that my body knew how to create boys, especially ones that can be tough and that do and like "boy" stuff. (That must be ALL of Brian's genes) What surprises me even more is all that I am learning and the fact that I am writing a blog about action figures...but I feel Carson's first "toy obsession" should be documented. lol

Back in November, Carson made a visit to Meme's house with his cousin Austin. Austin brought along these strange little plastic creatures called "Gormiti." Carson was instantly enthralled. They spent the majority of their time in Grapeland searching for some for Carson and finally discovered a 2-pack at Walgreens. Upon his return we carted those little toys & their matching cards with us EVERYWHERE.

The way they work is there is a number stamped on their foot and another number on their card. You add those two numbers together and that tells you their "power." When they go to "battle" the one with the largest number wins.

Exciting, huh? Well, at least the math teacher in me is appeased.

My family and I have now learned more than we wanted to about Gormiti's... Like they live or battle at "Fire Mountain":

We got this for Carson for his birthday, and although Carson LOVES it, it is the biggest piece of junk that does nothing like the commercial shows...

Did you know they are also in different tribes?? I won't bore you with the names, but we have spent plenty of time categorizing in our house...

We tried to save it for last, but somehow Carson ended up opening a package of Gormiti's at the beginning of the unwrapping on Christmas, so we spent the rest of the time taking breaks from opening new stuff so that he could play with his newest additions.

He now owns 35:

And just this week we discovered that there is a tv show too that airs on Cartoon Network at like 5:30 in the morning. Thank God for DVR.

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