Saturday, December 26, 2009

8 Months Preggo

Deacon has officially been "cooking" (Carson's description) for 32 weeks now! Because I will probably be induced at 38 weeks, we only have about 6 weeks until Deacon makes his arrival!

He has gotten really good at making himself known by some strong kicks and squirming about, and Carson is really excited about getting to meet his little bro. Deacon is working on plumping up in there, has all 5 senses now, and can turn his head from side to side. He measures almost 17 inches in length and weighs right at 4 lbs (the weight of this pineapple):

The pregnancy is still going well, besides the frequent bathroom breaks throughout the day and night (I think I woke up 4 times last night). I have been extra tired this week, but I'm sure the holidays had a lot to do with it. My next doctor appointment is this coming week, and then my last ultrasound will be at 34 weeks. I am starting to have more dreams about Deacon and what he will look like and what kind of personality he will have.

I was 8 months on Christmas Day, so I thought it was appropriate to pose by our Christmas tree

How far along? 32 weeks
Weight gained: 28 lbs. ( I know, I know...still better than I did with Carson though...)
Mood: anxious, excited, overwhelmed
Maternity clothes? I have learned to layer so that I don't flash my belly at innocent bystanders. Some of Brian's clothes have also made their way into my wardrobe.
Sleep: **See above regarding bathroom visits
Energy Level: mentally I am raring & ready to go, but physically it is getting harder to do stuff without having my heart pounding in my chest and being out of breath.
Best moments in the last month: Finding out I passed the glucose test!! Thanksgiving & Christmas
Movement? He is an active little guy!
Cravings: PISTACHIOS!!
Belly button in or out: Depends on what position I am in...standing up-still in, laying down-kinda out
Baby purchases this month: Chair rail for the nursery (not very exciting)
What I miss: my face! lol I swear my face doubles in size when I am pregnant! Tanning would be nice too, I am SO pasty!
What I am looking forward to: finishing the nursery, taking Carson on the sibling tour of the hospital, baby shower, final ultrasound

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