Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy Saturday!

The weather was so gorgeous this weekend, and we were really able to take advantage of it by spending a lot of time outside. First we went to a birthday party at an animal safari. Carson had a great time.

Here he is snuggling up to the most easy-going deer I have ever seen:
After seeing animals, Brian & Carson enjoyed cupcakes. After seeing the staining power of those things, I took a pass:
Later that afternoon we went to Moody Gardens with Brian's family. Carson & Brian had never been before, so they were especially excited! Moody Gardens has an event called the "Festival of Lights" every year around the holidays where you walk through the park and look at the Christmas lights. We arrived early, so we were able to go to the Aquarium as well before it got dark.

We all had such a good time looking in the tanks, and getting to touch some sea creatures.

I think the penguins were Carson's definite favorite. There was even a mural painted on the wall with different types of penguins. We were able to find one comparable to all of our boys...

Deacon is about the size of a Fairy Penguin:
(Yes, I am getting HUGE, and was looking a hot mess w/ no makeup & glasses)

Jakob was closest to an Emperor Penguin, and Carson matched up almost exactly with the King Penguin.

The boys got a little rowdy and had to be put in time-out...

...and then fed to the fish.

Next was the Festival of Lights! We had to feed our starving child, so we ended up separated from Brian's parents, but still had time to stop and take a couple of pictures.

It was so beautiful out there, and it was just cold enough to feel like Christmas, but without being unbearable.
We finished up the day with dinner at Cracker Barrel.

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