Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Secret Stork

The thing I love about the internet is that you have access to things and people you wouldn't normally be introduced to. When I became pregnant, I found a group for women who are also pregnant and due in February just like me! It has be so nice to go on our message board and ask a question about the baby and getting immediate feedback, and to also see that they are going through the same symptoms. It is also fun to compare pictures of bellies, ultrasounds, and already for a few of the women, pictures of early-arriving newborns.

A few months ago one of the women suggest we do "Secret Stork," where we are matched with another preggo in the group, given addresses, and send secret gifts to their homes. We had $20 to spend, not including shipping.

I was given Ashley, who is pregnant with her second daughter and lives in Oklahoma. She hadn't registered anywhere, and said she would be happy with anything. I spent a couple of weeks searching the internet, trying to get the most bang for my buck. I finally decided on ABC Distributing, where they have tons of stuff to choose from, at really good prices, plus I could just ship straight to her home.

Being in a house full of boys, it was fun to have a girl to shop for! I found these ADORABLE ballerina socks:

...and a "My First Purse," which she said her 2 year old daughter has tried to claim:

I knew she, like me, already had another child as well, so I wanted to find something so that she could be included on the fun too.

...and one for the baby:

The girl who chose me lives in Iowa, has a 2 year old son and a little girl on the way. She got Deacon a photo album and two adorable outfits:

This "baby-in-a-bag" outfit is my favorite b/c it keeps the little ones covered all night & makes diaper changing in a dark room at 3am much easier:

The other outfit also has little footies, and it is hard to see from the picture, but a cute little monkey embroidered on it and the matching cap:

The baby book will be perfect for storing Deacon's monthly pictures!

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