Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Deacon Weekend"

This weekend was dedicated to our little bun-in-the-oven, Deacon! Saturday was the baby shower; it turned out adorable, I got to see my favorite people & Deacon made out like a bandit!
The theme was "Nursery Rhymes," and looked super cute. Most of the decorations were found at Hobby Lobby, and my friend Brandi purchased baby books off of e-bay for additional decorations.

After everyone arrived, was fed, and socialized a bit, it was time for games! The first one was called "Mr. & Mrs. Right" where guest stand in a circle while a story about a baby delivery is read. When the reader says the words "left" or "right" the person holding the gift passes it in that direction. Sounds simple, but when every other word was a direction, passing moved fast!
The winner was my favorite neighbor, Melissa:

Next game was "Name the Body Part," where guests looked at a series of ultrasounds and identified what was being shown. I thought I was a pro with as many ultrasounds as I have had, but organs like stomach & kidneys kind of look alike!

Robin won the tie-breaker:
The last game was "Price is Right." Brandi displayed 5 baby items, and guests added up the cost, to come closest without going over:

Our newest momma in the group, Lindsey, won that one:

Cake was served, then it was present time! The lens on the camera got smudged, so the pictures didn't turn out very clear, but I promise EVERYTHING was FABULOUS!! We got clothes, diapers, blankets, toys, bottles, a bassinet, diaper bags, and lots of other baby necessities!

Thank you to all the guests who could make it on this holiday weekend & extra BIG thank you to Brandi, Kollette, & my mom for hosting the shower!


Today was Carson's "Sibling Tour" of the hospital! The hospital where we will be delivering Deacon hosts a class on the weekends for big brothers/sisters so that they can learn about babies & take a tour of the hospital. I thought with one month to go, this would be the best time for Carson to get his tour, and he really ended up having fun.
When we arrived Carson was instructed to pick out a "baby," a bag, and have a seat.

Can I just say how ADORABLE he was holding the baby!?!
He must have kissed that little baby doll 50 times while we were there! The session started and the instructor introduced herself and asked the kids some questions about them and their siblings. Then we watched a cute video explaining ways to help and play with the baby and what to expect. Carson and his baby were a captive audience members:

When the video was over, Carson got to practice some of his new skills on his doll. Changing a diaper:

...holding the baby properly:

Swaddling was hard work, so I assisted when Carson got frustrated:
At the end of the classroom part of the visit, our big boy was given a t-shirt & a certificate:
We couldn't take pictures on the tour, but we were shown the delivery room and the nursery. The nursery had one newborn in it, so Carson got to see how little babies are when they first arrive!

He is really getting excited about Deacon getting here and now gives my belly hugs & kisses every day. While we were at the hospital, he asked if we could talk to the doctor to see if the baby was done "cooking" month!

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l.borrego said...

That is so neat that your hosptial does that for siblings! Carson is going to be such a great big brother!