Saturday, January 16, 2010

Carson's UN-Birthday

So over Christmas break, my friend Brandi called to see what we had planned for the following week. We didn't have anything going on, so she wanted to know if we would like to meet her and Jason and some of their cousins, nieces, and nephews at Incredible Pizza and then go see the new "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie. Sounded good, seeing as Carson LOVES Incredible Pizza, and we were planning to go see that movie soon. She told me "Well good, because it was cheaper just to book a party room and get the package, than to pay for all the kids to get in and play games. So we told them it was Carson's birthday."

ONLY Brandi. lol

On the day of the "party" we called Brandi to confirm the time and she then tells us that she just remembered she accidentally entered Carson's birth year wrong on the website, so they are expecting a 9 year old birthday boy. (Umm, Carson is FOUR, but okay...) Luckily Brian was with us so we didn't have to arrive to Carson's "birthday" celebrations alone.

As we pull into the parking lot, I call Brandi again to see where they are, and she tells me they are running about 15 minutes late... Which makes the three of us the only guests at first and I now have to walk to the front to find out where our son's party room will be. They ask if I am the birthday boys mother. Yes. And then tell Carson "Happy Birthday." His birthday was only a couple of weeks prior, so he is still basking in the "birthday" glory, and thankfully doesn't call us out for the big, fat liars we are. The employees also don't call us out for having NO presents, NO cake, and NO decorations. Thank goodness!

We quickly find our room, grab some pizza, and wait for Carson's "guests" to arrive. I am really wishing I would have taken a picture of that pitiful, huge, vacant party room we sat in.

Brandi & Jason arrived a few minutes later with their posse' in tow, again with no presents or anything resembling what you would see at a typical birthday party. She said they had gone up to the front and told them that she was the mother of the birthday boy and would like to pay for the party and pick up the game cards. They looked at her like she was crazy, but obliged.

So we ate and played video games, go-carts, and putt-putt. Here are the kids before we left:

I'm wondering if this should make it into birthday pictures for his baby book!?!

Next, we went to the movies. The kids were really well-behaved, seeing as we adults were outnumbered 4-to-7. Jason spent about 45 minutes in line buying popcorn & drinks for the kiddos, but everyone was settled and happy by the time the movie began.
We had a great day and I'm still not sure if Carson really thought that was his birthday party or not. But I do know, as always promised, never a dull moment when Brandi is involved.

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