Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Eve & Day

Better late than never, right??

We had a really wonderful Christmas this year. We started Christmas Eve off at church with a great service and Carson got to go on stage and sing a couple of Christmas carols with the children of our church. (He is in the front, center, by the kiddo w/ the "O" on their shirt):

He is such a ham, so he totally loved it:

Afterwards, we went to my grandmother's house for dinner & presents. This is Carson w/ his 2 cousins, Ethan & Austin:

When we got home we set out milk & cookies for Santa: (I was too lazy to do any photo editing, so the picture quality isn't great...)

The next morning we woke up, and saw that Santa had arrived!!
Carson has mastered the art of opening presents:

Joni & the boys came over for a tasty breakfast made by Brian. Yes, we are eating it off left over Thanksgiving plates...hey, no dishes! :)

After all the boys played with their new presents for a while, we got dressed and went to Brian's parents for dinner & more presents! Carson got a new flat-screen tv for his room!

...and Zhu-Zhu pets, which Brian spent at least an hour putting together!

We spent the rest of the evening playing bingo & white elephant, and visiting with family. Nothing better than staying local and spending time with all the family. Carson received so many toys from Christmas and his birthday we had to go out and buy him a new toy box to hold everything in! I have no idea where we will store presents next year when we have two little boys opening gifts!

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