Friday, February 10, 2012

Deacon's Valentines

Deacon's class is filled with toddlers, so I thought something other than candy would be best for his exchange. What kid doesn't like goldfish??

This project was so cheap; I spent less than $10 for two boxes of goldfish, bags, and tags! I printed these as 4x6 pictures at Walgreens and cut them in half, but also included a larger blank version if you want to make your own message. (To steal: click picture, right click and choose "save picture as")


Yvonne said...

Super Cute Jackie! I will be using these next year for sure! How did you make the tags? They are precious!

The Scott Family said... lets you upload jpg's and edit them, like adding text. Unfortunately, they are closing down in April, so I will have to find a new site.