Monday, February 13, 2012

Deacon's 2nd Birthday Party

Deacon's 2nd birthday at Little Gym turned out fabulous! Because Deacon loves music so much, we decided to go with a rock 'n roll theme and it suited him perfectly.

His party started at 5:30pm, so we were able to get two naps in on Saturday, thinking that would have him well rested. Unfortunately, he has been battling a runny nose and cough and decided not to eat very much all day, putting him in a less than stellar mood when the party started.

But, as the party got going, so did he!! He LOVES Little Gym, the music, and being able to climb on everything.

He also had an amazing turn out with kids of all ages!!

I wasn't sure if this party would be geared more towards the little ones, but it wasn't! The big kids had just as much fun, if not more!

The first part of the party was free play, where everyone got to do their own thing. Then it was structured play, where Deacon participated in his favorite activity: the parachute!
He laughed and smiled more than any kid at the party!
Since he was the birthday boy, they put him in the middle while the guests circled him and shook the parachute singing "Happy Birthday."
He was so thrilled, he had us all laughing along with him!

Then, they let the other little ones on to join him!

And the big kids got to go underneath while the adults covered them up.

After the parachute came the inflatable bouncer.
I tried to get some pictures, but with all the jumping the kids all looked like blurs.
Finally came the bubbles, and again, even the big kiddos were excited!

When everyone had spent their energy it was time for pizza and cake!

By the time the presents were opening, we only had about 10 minutes left of the party and Deacon was exhausted!

His favorite present of the evening was this cuddly tiger:
To speed the unwrapping up, we asked Carson to help, which he did gladly, along with some friends. The opening went so quickly we lost track of who gave what (and even found some gifts I hadn't seen when we got home)!
As the party ended, everyone picked up their goody bags!

Each guest received inflatable guitars, rubber spike bracelets, rocker sunglasses and pop rocks candy.
And as you probably guessed, Deacon was down for the count by the time we loaded up and got home!


Hattie said...

Looks like Deacon had a blast!!! Loving those goodie bags, you did awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

What great party favors and cake! Looks like he had a blast. I even love the timely bday post. :) bed rest is good for something!

Becca said...

What a great idea of conducting birthday parties in this kind of place that surely enjoy the kids.

The Scott Family said...

Thank y'all! We had so much fun!

recreatiewoning kopen said...

That's for sure, Deacon had a blast on his birthday celebration! The place is very ideal because it had a colorful theme! Good job!


Jenn said...

My son is having a rock and roll party on Sunday. I found your party favor idea and absolutely LOVE it! I was wondering if you had a template for the thank you card on the favors or did you purchase them somewhere.

benilhalk said...

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