Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bennett's Bedding

We have been debating about what to do for Bennett's bedding. The set that we had from Deacon's nursery is still in good condition and already has coordinating paint on the walls. But a part of me has been thinking every baby deserves a nursery with fresh sheets that haven't been thrown up, peed on, etc. by their siblings. Plus, we would still need to purchase new bedding for Deacon to replace what we were giving to Bennett. So, we decided Deacon would use his blankets in the new room and once we move him to a toddler bed, we will get him new stuff. And Bennett will get a fresh new set!

I am not a big fan of nurseries that feel too themed. I didn't want cars or animals, just a simple, modern pattern. Because I am home on bedrest, and my checks could stop at any time, we have tried to keep a tight budget, making cost important. Also, after all the hard work Brian put into the new room, I was hoping to find a color scheme that matches the walls that we already have.

We totally lucked out when I just happened to come across the PERFECT bedding at Target! It is simple and contains the colors baby blue and brown. Best of all it was on clearance for $39.98, regular price $79.99, AND free shipping!
Deacon is splitting his nights between his new room and the old one, like when Carson has friends staying the night, or we have a feeling Deacon might be waking at night with a cough. Bennett will also be sleeping in a bassinet the first couple of months in our room, so I am not sure when we will actually start preparing the actual nursery...

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