Monday, February 27, 2012

Carson's New School

Carson has transitioned so well into his new school! I think he is most excited to be a 'bus rider.' He has met so many new kids in our neighborhood from riding, every time I look in our backyard after school there is another new child bouncing on our trampoline. Carson is so thrilled about his new ride and friends, that he now insists on riding in the morning too and, to my delight, doesn't even complain about waking up!

Carson has already participated in a couple of fun activities at school too. His class Valentine Party. (I love that the teacher already knows my guy and put him at a table full of girls to keep him on task!):

Friday was "Go Texan Day" where kids are encouraged to wear western attire. I have never been a big fan of a cowboy, but my cutie may have converted me:
Just a couple of weeks until Spring Break. I hate that I am on bedrest and can't take him to do anything super exciting during his first official Spring Break, but I am thinking he will be more than happy to hang out with all of his new friends. (And I'm sure he will make up for this Spring Break in his college years!)

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