Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet Scott Baby #3

Well it's official: there is a baby in my tummy! We were already able to see and hear a tiny heartbeat from that little ball of love!

I am 8 weeks pregnant, with May 10th looking like our due date! (The baby measured a little smaller than that, but the doctor said it was close enough to keep that date.) With two little winter babies already, I am excited to have some warmer weather to party plan for in the future!!

Our next appointment is October 25th, where I get another ultrasound and he/she will actually look like a baby!

Carson has already started throwing out name suggestions, and I now know another reason five year olds don't have kids of their own...the names sound like something a celebrity couple would pick:

Girl Names-
Geyser (what we yell when Deacon pees in the bathtub)

Boy Middle Name-
Climb-in-the-toilet (again, after Deacon)

We have a couple of names in mind, but still haven't completely decided yet.

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micrognathia said...

Congratulations! I bet you are very excited for your new baby.