Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jellystone Park

A couple of weeks ago we had the most amazing little getaway at Jellystone Park! They hold tons of Halloween activities the entire month of October, and we have definitely found a new fall tradition! Even better, after a record breaking scorcher summer, this was the first weekend for the weather to cool off!

We arrived Friday evening, just in time for the dance.

Followed by a movie under the stars: The Adams Family

The next morning we woke up early, ready to explore!

The craft room was full of fun things to do: ceramics, coloring sheets, shirts to decorate, scavenger hunts, and guessing games.

One of my favorite places was the toddler room (right next door to the arcade), which was stocked with lots of sensory activities, perfect for any little one, but especially our Deacon or special needs children. Saying Deacon had a good time would be an understatement!

Carson's favorite hangout was the pool! They had waterslides, a large picnic basket that dumped water on the kids every few minutes, and a pool for basketball. They also had another pool by the putt-putt golf course that we didn't even have time to try.

I would have loved to try this one, but our new addition kept me on the sidelines this year:

Later in the day they had magic pumpkin seed planting! Seeds were planted, Yogi waved his magic wand over the patch and a few hours later, the pumpkins were "grown!"

Then Carson named and painted our pumpkin, Charlie.

That evening was the costume contest, trick-or-treating at the cabins/rvs, hayride, and haunted house.

Could my kids be any more adorable!?!

Like any good mom, I of course felt my kids were robbed when they didn't win...

Our next morning ended with a delicious all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast! (Followed by a perfectly timed rainstorm!)

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