Sunday, October 30, 2011

11 Week Ultrasound

In a few short weeks our baby went from a bundle of cells to a tiny person! Even after two other little ones, I am still amazed by God!

I grilled the ultrasound tech to see if she could give any hint to the sex of the baby, but she said it is still another week or two until you can distinguish. (Possibly tmi: At this stage all babies have something down there, its the angle that soon determines the sex. Out: girl, Up: boy) So as of now, it is still girl-like, but it may change. We find out November 28th.

Technology has already improved since Deacon! We were even able to get some 3D images this early on!

This one shows the baby curled up facing forward with its hands up by his/her face.

Closer view:

Side view:

We have narrowed down a few of our favorite names and would love your input! If you haven't voted, please do here.

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Anonymous said...

so amazing! congrats on blessing #3!