Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carson's Kindergarten

Last week was Carson's Parent/Teacher Conference at school. I got to sit down with each teacher and find out how he is doing. While I waited for my turn, I snapped a few pictures of his work that was hanging in the hallway with my phone.

His homeroom/English-speaking/Reading Teacher said he has adjusted well, both academically and behaviorally. He gets along well with the kids, and she has learned the best place for him to work is next to the hard-working girls in class.
Next was his Spanish-speaking/Math Teacher. She said Carson is starting to really pick up Spanish words. ALL of the numbers and shapes they learn are taught in Spanish, so luckily math is his strong point so that he won't miss out while learning them. He has already to count to 29 and can name the triangle, rectangle, square, and circle in Spanish.
So far, he loves school! I have no trouble waking him up in the morning, and he usually passes the time on our hour drive each way by playing games on my phone.

*His best friend at school is named Savy and they play 'silverblades' (no clue) and army outside at recess.

*A little girl named Peyton told him the first week of school that he is her boyfriend whether he likes it or not. After he tried to argue a few times, he has finally given in and agreed, even though he still says that he isn't. haha

*Carson's favorite breakfast served at school is pancakes, and favorite lunch is nachos. His favorite flavor milk has a purple lid and he says it takes like ice cream.

*He is still our social butterfly, and because of this gotten a couple of conduct marks for touching other students and talking in the hallway. We have tried to balance the line of telling him that conduct marks are unacceptable, while trying not to stress him out too bad when he gets them. Last week was the first full week that he was conduct mark free!

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