Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ren Fest

Brian's dad used to take him and his brother to the Renaissance Festival when they were kids. When we started dating, we also started a tradition every Fall to make a trip out there as well. We typically take a new group of friends there with us every year and take them to the funniest shows and yummiest booths we know. The way it works is you pay an admission (around $20/person, the boys were free) and then all of the shows (and people watching) are free. Other booths and activities are at an additional cost.

This year we took the boys, and although they were free to get in, we spent a fortune for Carson to do all the activities. We may alternate taking them every other year, and make a grown-up trip the other times.

When we entered the gates, Carson set his eyes on this sword, and of course talked us into purchasing it. He had so much fun just swinging that sword around out there.

Next up, face painting:

Pillow fighting with Dada:

We made another attempt to take the boys pictures together in one of the garden chapels...

They were so adorable in their matching shirts

Carson also tested his strength:

They had a booth for the kids to throw tomatoes at this heckler. He called Carson a girl.

...Carson proved him wrong by throwing like a BOY, smacking him right in the face with a tomato!! Look at Carson laughing!
Our favorite show is the Mud Eaters, where there is lots of audience participation. The crowd getting rowdy scared Deacon, so he and I walked outside of where the show was to hang out in the grass. I didn't mind a bit, since we see the show every year...I could about recite the whole thing.
Deacon didn't mind either because he got to stand up and stretch his legs.

Before we left, we saw this box and had to participate.
One of the vendors had given Carson a pet rock, he used this box to exchange it for a AA I'm sure it is a dead battery, but that was what Carson wanted. Who says nothing in life is free?? haha

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