Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dewberry Farm

Days like today, remind me that being a parent can be so much fun! Groupon had tickets on sale for two for $12 to Dewberry Farm a few weeks ago so I took advantage of the bargain. Because the weather has been wonderful lately, we decided to make our trip out there while we could enjoy it.

A few years ago we drove to the farm outside of Katy with Carson and had a great time. This time was even better because Carson was big enough to do everything, while Deacon watched happily from the stroller. We bought Carson the $19 wristband that allowed him to do all the activities, and we both agreed it was worth it.

Here is the layout of the farm (you should be able to click on it for a better view):

As soon as we made it through the gates Fort Dew Hickey immediately caught Carson's attention, so off we went!

Next, the Giant Roller Slide, made with a combination of tiny pvc pipes to roll down. Deacon & Brian went down together, too. But, we learned the bigger the rider the faster you slide, so I about threw down the camera to catch them on their way down and missed the picture.

My cowboys calf roping:

The boys had a blast jumping on the giant pillows (inflated tarps that bubbled up off the ground):

Hay Mountain was fun too with the swinging Tarzan ropes:

Brian had just as much fun as Carson on the "Black Momba" swing:

"Farmer Flinger":

Pedal Carts:

The "Punkin' Hollar" was a sight to see! Over 500 pumpkins carved and lit up inside a dark building.

Carson made me take this one:

Little Farmersville Playground:

The singing chicks were super cute.

"Zeke's Lost Treasure":

Carson rocked the Corn Cannon, shooting at metal signs with cobs of corn.

Corn 'Maize':

We tried so hard to get the perfect pumpkin patch photo of the boys....

Take 1

Take 2 - "Deacon don't eat that!"

Take 3... Brian: "Jackie, there is a line forming behind us..."

Okay, last try getting the boys together for a photo:

haha...maybe next year!


Hattie said...

Cute pics! Looks like y'all had a blast. I think we're going the 23rd. Wish I knew about the Groupon!

Farmer Dewberry said...

Great photos! You should enter some in our photo contest. Always glad to hear when someone has a good time at the farm. Thanks for coming and hope to see you again.
Farmer Dewberry

Jackie said...

Hattie- your boys will have SO much fun! Can't wait to see pics on your blog. :)