Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8 Months

Deacon - you are 8 months old, which means you are already 2/3 of the way through your first year!
  • You weight about 20 lbs. and are 28 inches TALL (no longer 'long' since you are standing now!)

  • You can squeeze into 9 month outfits, but usually wear between 12-18 months.

  • You have 3 teeth now, 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top. We are learning to keep our fingers away from your mouth so that we don't lose one!

  • You are standing so well now, and you are now trying to stand up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything. You can get about up to your knees, so you are halfway there!

  • I love this little tongue of yours!! You are so funny to watch when it pops out. A lot of times when you practice talking it comes all the way out of your mouth, but otherwise it is just when you stand up!

  • You have learned to become more vocal. I usually say "hi" to you loudly when I walk into the room, and you now respond with your own screech that resembles a "hi."

  • While you have learned to make new noises, you are typically still a pretty quiet little guy. You like to jabber the most when you are home with us, and are quieter in busy settings.

  • You still do not hold your bottle yourself. We are starting to wonder if you will be to the point of walking around, while we follow behind you holding the bottle (or maybe even sippy cup) in your mouth.

  • You can now eat level 3 baby food, which is the thickest consistency. With those three teeth of yours you can munch on mashed up table food too. We have tried just a couple of items like mashed potatoes, carrots, and pudding, but I'm sure we will move on to bigger and better dishes soon.

  • We are so excited to dress you up this month for Halloween and take you trick-or-treating! I'm sure Carson will be more than happy to help you eat all the candy you aren't able to.

  • You look more and more like your dad the older you get, and he loves it too much!

  • Your brother loves you so much too! He and James like to play pretend and be "Baby Deacon", I think it's because they think you are so cool! :)

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