Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

The holiday season has officially been kicked off with Halloween!

Another teacher and I are Student Council Sponsors at my school, and this was our first dance of the year to host our annual costume themed "Boo Bash." I initially ordered a costume online, but when it came in, it was like every other female costume: way too hoochie, especially to wear to a school function. I decided to go for Plan B, a stolen idea from pinterest. Can you guess what we are?

Paper, Rock, Scissors! :)

Brian was super sweet to bring the boys up to the dance to get their groove on. I was afraid it might be too loud, but Deacon absolutely loved it! (Notice him behind us in the pic above.)

Carson had fun dancing and eating pizza too.

On Halloween, we passed out glow bracelets (from Michael's for only $1 for 15, plus my teacher discount of 15% off ). Deacon stayed with Brian to pass them out, while the neighbors and I took the kids trick-or-treating.

By the time we rounded the corner back to our house, Carson's bag was overflowing, so he had to take off his mask and use it to collect candy in!

He has enough candy to last him a while!

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