Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flag Football

When Carson was a baby I remember Brian telling me how excited he was that he had a son that could play football, just like he did. Looking at our tiny guy I thought he was out of his mind and I would fight that battle when the time came. Soccer, baseball, or golf sounded so much safer, and I hoped I could convince Carson that they would be so much more fun.

How the years have flown by! Carson is a tough, fast, five year old who has had his heart set on football since the day his cousin Austin started playing. And we live in Texas, the football capital of the universe (ever seen Friday Night Lights?? It REALLY is like that here!), so, what chance did I ever really have?? We have compromised with no-contact, flag football, so I am praying Carson's bones stay intact.... Practice and games are held on Saturdays, which is wonderful because we don't have to rush on the week nights to make it.

I have so much to learn! I know NOTHING about football, plays, or positions, but I at least know what direction the teams should run with the ball. And I know that when Carson grabbed the flag off the kid with the ball, it was a good thing. He did too!!

I think his favorite part of football so far is the mouth piece; he felt so cool! Look how red he got from running around:

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