Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ladies & Lil Gents

Although our blog may appear like Carson has disappeared, I assure you he has not. :) To be perfectly honest, I don't know what I would do without him. I really believe that I would be institutionalised from the stress surrounding Deacon's future, if I didn't need to be strong for Carson. God plans accordingly for these types of things. I have no doubt that this is one of the millions of reasons God gave Carson to us: so that this momma didn't lose her mind when times get tough, because baths still need to be given, lunches need to be made, and laughter needs to be heard.

Last weekend Carson and I had a date that rocked, and we are still laughing about the fun we had.

Our city held a "Ladies & Lil Gents" dinner for moms and sons. My friend, Care (I put a link to her blog in hopes that she decides to EVER update it...) had posted on her facebook that she was going, and it looked like so much fun, I decided to get Carson and I tickets at the last minute too!

It was a western theme this year, and you would think that b/c we live in Texas, we should just have boots and cowboy hats sitting in our closet waiting to be worn...well think again. We improvised with what we had (ie. I wore a dress, and Carson had a button-down with cargo shorts and flip flops...).

Not only did the event have dinner and a dj, they also had a TON of activities geared towards the little guys!
The frame pictured above was actually built by us!

They had a huge haystack filled with prizes to be found:

Carson dug up a sheriff's badge:

Popping balloons to find what team they were on for the next game:

...followed by a relay race around haystacks in cowboy attire:

and Limbo:

Carson's favorite activity was dancing!! From the moment we walked in the door, he was getting his groove on! And he has got some moves, too!
He was such a gentleman all night long and even opened doors for me! When we left he said that was the best date ever! (I will remind him of this when he is 16...)

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Jess said...

You go girl! He is well on his way to being the perfect gentleman! Too Cute!