Saturday, September 11, 2010

7 Months

Deacon - you are 7 months old!
  • You weigh about 18 lbs. and are 27.5 inches long!

  • You fit comfortably in 12 month clothing, size 3 diapers and are about to be in size 4 shoes.
  • This is definitely the month for milestones: 1st tooth, crawl, sitting up by yourself (and in high chairs and shopping carts), and just yesterday climbed yourself into a standing position!

  • Your hair and nails are growing at an amazing rate. I will trim your nails and within a couple of days you will scratch your poor little face before I get a chance to cut them again.
  • Your bedtime ritual cracks us up. You NEVER really cry but when you are tired (usually between 7-8 pm), you start rubbing your eyes and making a whining noise. As soon as we lay you in your bed, you are out.

  • We now just need to get you on track with sleeping through the night...most nights you will wake up once, but every once in a while we are blessed with a full night sleep, while other times you wake up a bunch.
  • You are much more interested in your toys. You will crawl across the room to get to one, and try your hardest to get it in your mouth. Your favorite are soft toys that you can rub your face on.

  • You are so ready to walk! Your babysitter has requested we start putting shoes on you every day so she can help you practice. Our goal is to have you toddling around by Christmas.

  • We're starting to wonder if you are ever going to hold a bottle by yourself. You like either for us to hold it or when we are busy we will prop it up for you. You show no interest in wanting to do this yourself.

  • Changing your diaper is always an adventure. We have to be extra cautious when opening up, because the majority of the time you will have a surprise for us. Even your doctor mentioned last month that it had been years since he had gotten soaked, but you were quick and broke that record!

  • You still like your pacifier, but don't need it as much anymore, usually just when you are overstimulated or tired.

  • You might just be the world's easiest baby. You are so even tempered and laid back, you fit into our family perfectly. We are praying that you aren't just saving your energy for the teenage years...

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