Monday, August 16, 2010

Carson's 1st day of Pre-K

I really like to make big deals out of special events. Today was Carson's first day of Pre-K at his new daycare, so it qualified for a big to do.

Routines are something our household needs to work on. With Brian's irregular work schedule we have always had trouble doing things at a set time around our house, but this year is our time to work out the kinks and find a pattern that works for our family.

Carson's school requires us to pack his lunch each day, so we are going to start packing his lunch the night before. We ordered a Mario Bros. lunchbox (in honor of his newest obsession) off the internet, but it hadn't arrived to our house. We improvised with his small Spongebob backpack. We went grocery shopping early this weekend and let Carson pick out some items for his lunch and last night he chose what he wanted to bring his first day. (*I need to go back alone and grab some healthier snacks for future lunches...) He is allowed to take two toys to school each day and spent quite some time picking out which ones to bring.

To help mornings run smoother we have decided to set outfits out the night before. Carson chose his attire, too!

...but in the morning decided he would rather wear his Nike's.

I tried to talk him into letting me spike his hair, but I think it was just too early for him to want to deal with it, and I wasn't going to push my luck!

His new school is SO wonderful!! They have cool events going on every day. Today it was snowcones:

and haircuts:

We opted for the snowcone today, and will probably do the haircut next time!
Tomorrow is:

We picked up Carson's favorite breakfast: kolache, donut, and chocolate milk. He made himself right at home and started stuffing his face! He didn't even bat and eye when we left!

Brian called and checked on him during the day, and they said he was doing wonderful!

He was so happy when I picked him up, telling me about his red snowcone, lunch outside, the fabulous playground, dinosaur center, and the sticker he received for helping to clean up! We are so proud and relieved that the transition went so well!

And look what came in the mail just in time for school tomorrow:

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