Wednesday, August 11, 2010

California Vacation

My WONDERFUL Aunt Claudia, sent my sister and me out to California to visit her this past weekend! While I am mentioning my fabulous relatives, I had better include Brian and my parents who graciously stayed with our FOUR boys at my house while we were gone!! By the end of the trip, Brian was calling hourly to remind me of what a great husband he

We left on Friday, and I decided to start off the trip getting my sister used to the frequent picture-taking while sitting on the plane...

We arrived in time for dinner in San Jose, followed by dessert at the famous pinkberry:

That night we unpacked and rested up for a day of shopping and Chelsea Handler.

I am friends with Sprinkles Cupcakes on facebook, and usually they have a secret phrase you whisper when going in their store to receive a free cupcake. That day it was "Chugga Choo Choo" and we all three got a free dark chocolate one with a cute little baby blue train on top.

Next, we hit up Nordstrom Rack! We found some cute dresses, but also played my favorite shopping game: goddy dress-up!! Any time I go shopping with friends, we find the ugliest formal dress, put it on and take pictures. This trip to the dressing room was even more fun b/c I grabbed a wedding dress to try on! The girls working the dressing room were so excited that I had picked it out, explaining that it had been on display for MONTHS and they were just waiting for someone to snatch up the bargain! I played right into it and told them I was recently engaged! lol AND that my sister was trying on her bridesmaid dress...

Don't I just look like a blushing bride!?! hehe They were SO disappointed I didn't buy it, but wished me luck on my "wedding" along with congratulations! I kinda feel bad for lying...

We also found this outfit which I thought was just missing a drum for my drummer boy Halloween costume:
After our exhausting shopping trip, we decided to have a relaxing pedicure.

That night we cleaned up, and went to see comedian, Chelsea Handler at the most gorgeous venue EVER! It was at a mountain winery with a spectacular view and outdoor seating in the unbelievably COOL August weather.

The venue:

I met Chelsea a few years back in Houston, so we decided not to wait in the long line after the show, and instead posed by her cutout.

Our seats were so close:

Chelsea and her opener didn't disappoint; they were raunchy and hilarious!!

Sunday we drove into San Francisco for the day. We parked near China Town and were amused that the garage had a "fortune" for every spot! We told my Uncle Dennis to choose wisely; here was ours:

After we toured the city, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Tiburon. It was so cool out that we had to wear jackets!! Us Texas girls aren't used to such weather in the summer! I think the high was in the low 60's!

It was kind of foggy, so you couldn't get a full picture of the bridge:

Our last day we ate lunch at a fun sushi boat restaurant!! I don't know if they have these in Houston, but we were impressed. There is a "stream" that runs around the bar of the restaurant with boats carrying plates of sushi. You just watch the boats pass by until you see a plate you want and snatch it up.

Claudia introduced us to my new favorite store: Loehmann's! It is like Ross on crack! It is full of designer clothes at major discount prices. And because summer is ending, they had tons of their clothes marked down an additional 50-60% off. The deals were so good, I HAD to share a couple with you, even if the pictures don't do justice to the outfits (I'm sure you will see me modeling them in future blogs).

Regular: $48
Sale: $10

Regular: $48
Sale: $8

Regular: $98
Sale: $11

Regular: $118
Sale: $15
I am going to have to look online for the closest location and make a roadtrip with my girlfriends for a shopping adventure!

My cousin, Kyle, came along for our last dinner. My aunt still calls him her "little boy!" haha

After stepping off the plane in Houston and being hit by the heat and humidity we seriously debated turning right back around and flying back...luckily, we were missing our boys!

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