Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time Warp!

As most of you have come to realize, I am slightly obsessed with photos...

I recently nominated myself to be in charge of the slide show for our high school's 10 year reunion, and am beginning to think I have enough photos in my own collection to fill the whole slide show! I am hoping this blog will encourage others to start digging through their own collection to send in, if only for the purpose of not having the candid shots I have taken.

I feel fortunate to have gone to school in the same district from kindergarten through graduation, and still count many of my high school friends as close friends now.

I've still got more to go, but here is the first edition of scanned photos starting with a couple from 8th grade:

The quality of some of the pictures aren't great because they were taken with non-digital cameras and many have been sitting in a box in my attic.
On to high school:

And college:

I know I am getting old because my back now hurts from sitting on the floor flipping through albums and scanning photos. I still need to dig deeper in the attic because I am missing some of my photo album from my senior & 9th grade year.

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"L" said...

AH!!!!!!!!!! haha! I wonder how many people are going to bee line it to the RR when the slide show comes on. Oh, only me?! too funny! I need to look through mine, I know I had one of us from 8th grade when we dressed up for that decades dance.