Saturday, July 3, 2010

Suessical Baby Shower

My best friend, Brandi, is having a baby boy in September, and we recently threw her a Dr. Seuss baby shower that turned out completely adorable!! So adorable, I might add, that I have decided Deacon's first birthday will be the same theme! (So don't be surprised when you see a repeat of decorations next February...)

I, with two of Brandi's other friends were in charge of the shower, and we were slightly stressed because of what a big party planner she is, and we wanted it to be perfect! Luckily, we did a great job of delegating duties to our strengths...Amy: provided the venue & the food (her house is absolutely gorgeous and cooking skills fantastic); Jill: diaper cake, games, and prizes (she is super crafty and the games were hilarious); Me: decorations, cake (I am slightly OCD in both areas).

Because Brandi lives out of state now, this was the first time I saw her with a true baby bump! And she was glowing and beautiful!

She was also very happy with how everything turned out, so it was definitely a success!


Some of the decorations also doubled as gifts

Jill's diaper cake

(The decorator is a girl I went to school with who always makes fabulous cakes that taste and look great)

Tasty treats with adorable names:

Baby Cayden got SO much stuff!

View of the living room during present opening

Nana, Debbie, Brandi, and Aunt Ann

Brandi with the two proud grandmothers

Brandi with the party planners: me, Jill, and Amy

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"L" said...

1. I love the last pic of you all! So cute!

2. Amazing cake!!!

3. Brandi looks amazing, I'm so excited for her.