Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"SEW" Not Cute

The Christmas before last I decided I wanted a sewing/embroidery machine. I envisioned the creations I could make with my machine: one-of-a-kind outfits for the boys, decor for our house, gifts for friends, and possibly starting a business on the side. I only had one problem to overcome...I have never actually sewn before.

Embarrassingly, I must admit, Brian is WAY more domestic than I am. He can cook better, clean faster, and has actually used a sewing machine. His grandmother taught him the basics when he was younger, so he knows all the parts and how to thread the machine. I am clueless. About a year ago we paid for a private lesson on how to use the machine and my homework had been to sew a pair of pajamas, which has yet to happen.

Instead, we decided today that we would sew the boys Easter shirts. And not just any Easter shirts. FABULOUS Easter shirts. So fabulous that all of my friends would take one look at them and want us to sew shirts for their kids as well.

See for yourself how it turned out...
I found a basic picture of an Easter Bunny off the internet, printed it and traced it on cardstock.

Then traced the bunny on fabric and cut it out.

...and pinned it to the onesie and started sewing.

Get yours today, while there is no wait! lol

I almost put the shirt on Deacon to have him model it for a picture, but I'm thinking that is borderline child appears we might need a LITTLE more practice.


Jess said...

LOL! Hilarious! But it will get better! Just keep at it!

l.borrego said...

You made me laugh! This is your best post ever!!!!!!!

PS: You have to take a pic of your boys in these. They will love them when they're older!