Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eggs & Mudbugs

What beautiful weather we have had in Houston! We took full advantage yesterday by spending the day outside, starting with an Egg Drop.

A local church puts on this event where a helicopter comes and drops thousands of Easter eggs on a football field for the kiddos to hunt. We went last year and was excited to see that it was moved to the school across the street from our neighborhood, and they divided it into hunts by age groups, instead of just one big hunt. Carson had so much fun, and there were so many eggs for the kids to hunt, that once Carson's basket was full he had to stop!

By the time Carson was done hunting, my sister and her boys arrived. Carson and Austin tested out all the other activities that were set up:

Next we went and fulfilled our Spring tradition: Crawfish!!!

Luckily Carson is adventurous with appetite, and has always loved eating crawfish. But what he loves even more is PLAYING with crawfish.


I don't think he got my sensitivity for animals though. At one point he came and told me "Okay Momma, I am done playing with the crawfish. I want to eat some crawfish."

Deacon can't wait until he can join the fun...

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