Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm in love!!

I think I found my favorite baby invention this round of having a little one. I knew I wanted a comfortable sling so that I could have my hands free around the house and with Carson, and also not have to use a stroller or lug around the carseat every time when we went out.

After doing some research, I found one and it ROCKS! The brand is called hotslings and it is super comfortable for both me and Deacon, and comes in a ton of fabulous styles! Their website
shows all the patterns and gives a sizing chart. You can also purchase from their site which has more selections but costs more, or for a little less at Target and Babies R Us (around $30-$50).

I decided to check out ebay and found two bargains, neither had ever been used, one for $15, the other for $20! They arrived today and when I got home from work I immediately had to test them out, and when I discovered how fabulous they are, I had to share! All new moms need one of these!

This first one is reversible; it's black on the other side:
Look how happy he is!

No hands! (It doesn't look like it in the picture, but he is super secure.)

The other style, I think it's my fav

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