Friday, October 9, 2009

Deacon Ultrasound 21 Weeks

After all the drama from the last scheduled ultrasound, today was our new appointment. Brian and his parents were able to be off work to come as well (and got conned into getting their flu shots as well). I am happy to report everything went wonderfully! No drama or crying at the doctor office, and a beautiful, HEALTHY little boy!

The ultrasound tech was so nice. She explained everything she was doing and pointed out all of the body parts as she was measuring them. She also printed out TONS of pictures of Deacon, and gave us our cd for free, which they usually charge $15 for. (I am wondering if they made a notation on my file that I was the crazy lady from last month??)

The ultrasound lasted close to an hour and we learned so many things about our new addition! He looks SO much like Carson (and Brian too, for that matter), but he did get my toes!! The ultrasound tech was like "Can you see him? He is grabbing on to the side of the uterus with his toes!!" lol Sorry Deacon, long toes seem to be a dominant trait seeing as Carson has them too. He also had the hiccups during the ultrasound and was actively moving all over the place. He measured about 2 days ahead of my due date, and already weighs 14 oz.

Below are the pictures & video clips from the cd I was given. I have quite a few more, but they still need to be scanned.

The tech was so amused by the toes, she had to take a picture

Profile. He has some smoochie lips on him! :)

The tech said they usually don't do 4D images until 27 weeks, when the baby has plumped up a little, but decided to give it a try. They aren't the best quality, but we definitely got an idea what our little guys face looks like!

It will be a couple more weeks before he opens his eyes

The clips are short, but are fun to see him in action!

The blinking you see is his heartbeat & the reason he is bouncing is b/c of the hiccups!

Next appointment in 7 weeks for the dreaded Glucose Test...

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l.borrego said...

Is that him hiccupping??? So neat!!!!