Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Budding Artist...and Ladies Man

Typically when we pick Carson up from daycare, we check his cubby to see if he has gotten a treat for the day, or to pick up artwork he has done in class. Well, yesterday as soon as I arrived at his school, Carson wanted to take me to his box to show me his pictures. I thought nothing of it as I flipped through the pages looking for what Carson said was a black cat like Albert. I must say I am impressed with how well he stays in the lines, and told him so. He explained to me that no, he didn't want me to see the black cat, he wanted to show off the picture he drew on the back:

Although I am sure you can make out perfectly what the picture above is, I, his naive mother, had no clue, so asked him to describe this gorgeous illustration. He explained that this picture is of Caraleigh, Gabby, and Desira (three of the GIRLS in his class)!!! And even made a point to demonstrate Caraleigh's long legs (the picture to the far left).

Boy, am I in trouble...


brandiandjason said...

Yeah, good luck with that!!1 :)

The Norman Family said...

LMAO! I love it!

I got scared last year when David came home and drew the pic of him and the little girl in his class sitting at a table and drinking a love potion - his words, not mine! :-O Talk about shock and fear! lol