Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daycare Gift

Have I mentioned that we love Deacon's daycare??

They are always so friendly and really seem happy to see Deacon each morning. Even his therapists have commented in his weekly paperwork: "Teacher has been working a lot with Deacon and making sure he has extra help to participate with class. She reports that she is already seeing him show more understanding in general!" She also mentioned that she witnessed Deacon walk up to his teacher her and give her a hug!! (This is not a normal thing for Deacon who loves to snuggle, but doesn't typically initiate the contact!)

We wanted to do a little something to show all of the staff how appreciative we are for their kindness. I thought of this in the middle of the night last week when I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep! (One of the only crafty ideas I haven't "borrowed" from the internet)

We baked homemade bread (recipe here), printed a card created on picnik, and purchased some nutella spread to go in a dollar store basket.

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Anonymous said...

Good idea Mom!