Saturday, September 10, 2011

18 Month Deacon

Deacon, you are 18 months!!

  • You are 34.5 inches tall (97th percentile!!!), weigh 24 lbs. 11 oz. (37th percentile), and have a head circumference of 18.5 inches (31st percentile).

    • You wear 2T/3T shirts and 12 month shorts! We finally found shoes you will wear: 18-24 month leather soled pedipeds. That is the largest size they make, so once you outgrow those we are praying you will wear regular shoes.

    • You have a definite sweet tooth! You love all sugary goodies, but have grown to like most other foods too. Your fine motor skills have also grown! You are able to feed yourself almost any food with your fingers and drink from your sippy cup with no problem! We are now practicing using utensils.

    • You are great at using those little fingers to find every little particle on the ground and putting them in your mouth. Your favorite non-food meals are paper, mulch and grass, which we find ourselves removing from your mouth often. Yum!

    • Last month you started a new daycare and we are all in love! They agreed to place you in a class based on development and not age, so you started in the 12-17 month room. Within two weeks the director asked if you could be moved to the 18 month-2 year old room because you are doing so well!! You get excited every morning when we arrive and there is even a little girl in your class that makes "ah-ah" noises at you during breakfast.

    • You LOVE being outdoors! The only time you ever throw a temper tantrum is when we open the front door, without letting you go outside. We are thrilled that it is finally starting to cool off so that we can play in the yard more!

    • You also LOVE music! Your favorite toys and shows are the ones with a tune and you will sometimes even jabber along.

    • Climbing is probably your favorite obsession. You have a blast at Little Gym every week and have learned to be very careful when getting on and off objects. You are not picky, and will climb on ANYTHING, but climbing inside the toilet is probably your happiest hang-out.

    • Just like your brother, you waited until after your first birthday to start sleeping through the night. We have been well rested for a couple of months now!

    • We are in the process of switching your seizure medication from Topamax to Valproic Acid to help with your language skills, since one of the side effects from Topamax is a loss of word retrieval.

    • These past six months have been such a roller coaster, but we have been blessed beyond belief with your progress and thank God every day for you!

    Fabulous photos by Carey Anne Photography

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