Friday, May 27, 2011

Tribute to Albert

When Brian and I first moved in together in 2004 my parents cat had just given birth to a litter of kittens. We decided to take two of the kittens with us: Albert, the boy, and Riddick, the girl who we originally thought was a boy. That first year I learned something new: just because animals are siblings doesn't mean they won't breed. Nine kittens later I learned our lesson and had Albert fixed. lol

A few years later we had Carson and moved into our new house. Both cats were amazingly patient with Carson and would let him pet them and would just get up and walk away if Carson started getting on their nerves.

We hadn't been in the house very long when Riddick passed away, making Albert our only pet.

When I say he was the best cat in the world, I really mean it. Even friends of ours that aren't "cat people" loved him because he was just so friendly.

When Carson was little we would go on walks through the neighborhood and Albert would accompany us, and would even stop and wait if we talked to neighbors.

He knew his name only when I called him and would meow in response each time I called for him.

He really turned into more of an outside cat the past few years, but would still greet us by the front door every morning as we left and again when we arrived home.

On Easter weekend, while we were out of town, we received a text message from our neighbors saying that they had found Albert. It appeared to them that he must have been attacked by dogs due to a large amount of cat hair found in the yard and no signs of being run over. We were devastated; he has been a part of our family even before we were a "family." Even worse, we had to tell Carson the news on Easter during our drive back home. He cried the entire way, he has known Albert his whole life. :(

I probably sound like a crazy cat lady writing a blog about Albert, but since he was a "Scott" I wouldn't feel right not paying tribute to him.

I am sure one day we will eventually find another cat, but Albert will be a tough act to follow!

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Anonymous said...

That saddens me terribly. It will be hard to find another kitty with all the traits Albert had. He clearly loved his family. And he was absolutely beautiful.

Outdoors holds many dangers for cats.