Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Deacon's B-day Invites: 51 Weeks

Now that invitations should be delivered for Deacon's party, I can finally post a copy! I'm sure you have noticed by now, I a huge fan of Picnik... I used their site to create his invitation to match his Dr. Seuss themed party for this weekend, along with a seuss-y poem.
His picture turned out so adorable, I went ahead and made it his weekly picture too!

I cannot believe we only have one weekly picture left to take... I started the first picture with little expectations of sticking with it for the whole year, but am SO happy we were able to not only capture weekly snapshots of his cute little face, but also track little milestones that may have been forgotten.

Deacon, this week you danced for the first time, which, in my opinion, is PERFECT timing for your first birthday party!


Jess said...

Love to see and hear that he he is doing so well!! Congrats to you all!!

Kimmy said...

Awe these are so cute!!