Friday, February 4, 2011

Carson's Valentine Exchange

A couple of weeks ago we stopped by my favorite teacher supply store and ran across this fun stuff:

It is snow in a jar! The product is made up of a powdery substance that you mix with water and it turns into a texture that feels exactly like snow without the coldness. One little tub of this stuff make over 11 gallons of "snow" that lasts 4-6 weeks! We had so much fun with it, but had no idea what we would do with 11 gallons until I remembered Valentine's Day is coming up and would make a perfect replacement for the 20 lbs. of candy classes of kids usually receive. And even better now that Houston didn't receive the snow we were hoping for today!

Walmart had Valentine goody bags and these small plastic hearts that are the perfect size to hold the snowy powder:

And, as always, Picnik helped us personalize the cards/instructions:

Final product: