Saturday, November 6, 2010

Boo Buddies

Have I mentioned I love being a teacher?? I work in a field with some of the most creative professionals, so we always come up with fun things to do!

For years we have been doing "boo's" to colleagues at Halloween, but decided to put a spin on it and made "Boo Buddies" which works like Secret Santa. Each week of October you give a small gift to the person you are assigned, and the last week you reveal who you are. We used a great website Elfster, which does all of the work for you by randomly choosing buddies and even allows you to ask your person questions anonymously.

I drew my old neighbor, Kristina, who teaches science at our school. She has a little girl, Savannah, and because I never get the opportunity to shop for girls, I dedicated my first "Boo" to her, with the help of my favorite picture editing website, Picnik.

Week #2:

Week #3 (with the best smelling seasonal Febreeze, mini sodas, & chocolate):
Wrapped up:
Week #4:

Although I agree it is better to give than to receive, my boo buddy (our Reading Lab teacher), spoiled me and the boys with all of this and tons of candy!


Kristina said...

I had the BEST Boo Buddy EVER!!! So creative!! She even delivered one of the presents herself and I never caught on! Thanks Jackie for all the fun stuff!

Jackie said...

You are so sweet!!! I miss you being across the hall from me, by the way! :)