Sunday, November 14, 2010

9 Months

Deacon - you are 9 months old!!
  • You gained about 1 lb. since last month putting you at 21 lbs.
  • Unless we didn't measure accurately last time, you are still the same height as 8 month: 28 inches.

  • You had another HUGE milestone this month: your first step!!!! You can now stand unassisted for up to a minute and have taken four tiny baby steps at a time before falling down. You are determined to get this walking thing down and usually spend all of your time practicing.

  • You celebrated your first Halloween this month and looked absolutely adorable in your shark costume!

  • Your hair is growing at a rapid speed, giving your bangs a "Justin Bieber" sweep. (I wonder if he will still be relevant by the time you are old enough to read this...) I have had to trim a little around your ears just to keep it from hanging over.

  • Your fear of strangers still hasn't appeared. You are more than happy to have anyone hold you that is willing.

  • You have now learned how to blow raspberries and do it often, sometimes when you are bored, but most of the time when you are getting frustrated or tired. Regardless, we think it is cute!

  • We are thinking God has decided to give us children who do not sleep through the night. Early on we thought we had lucked out with you because you slept so well as a newborn, but nine months in you typically still wake up at least once. Luckily, once you are given a bottle you immediately go right back to sleep.

  • You are up to five teeth now!!! Three on top, two on bottom, and the way you chew on your fingers, we are thinking more will soon be arriving. What is funny is that out of the three that have come in on top, only one of those is a front tooth, the other two are side teeth, leaving what looks a little like a fang from where your tooth is missing! :)

  • You are a great eater and like almost all foods. Now that you have some teeth we can give you coarser selections and you like the variety. We have upgraded your formula to the older baby version and you like it just as much as your old Enfamil.

  • You haven't passed a blanket you didn't want to snuggle. Every soft object you come into contact with has to pass a thorough inspection by you, which means you doing a standing nosedive into it on the floor and then rubbing it on your face.

  • You adjust well to wherever we put you. For example you never complain when getting strapped in your car seat, and will happily jump around when placed in your bouncer. Getting you ready for daycare in the morning is so easy. In fact, life with you has been a breeze!

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