Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swagger Wagon

I'm sure I will lose friends by the pure dorkiness of this post. I'm okay with that.

It all started back in about 6th grade. The girls always played a game called "MASH," for those girls who don't remember, I'll help refresh your memory:

Boys, you probably never played this.

Well anyways, you fill out the categories, and it predicts how your life will turn out. Who you marry, the house you get, city you live in, career you have, and car you drive. You usually get to pick a favorite, some okay choices, and one really crappy selection for each category, then pray you get the ones you like. To select your fate, you close your eyes and make a swirl in the middle of the page and count how many lines are in the swirl. Then go through and eliminate items by counting that number until only one item remains for each topic.

Fun, huh?

I was like most girls, picking cute celebrities as my future hubby, exciting careers and glamorous cities.

Then there was the car... While most kiddos were choosing Lamborghini's and Ferrari's as their dream car, I had different aspirations. I have no idea what sparked my interest, but my eyes were set on a minivan. Yes, you read that right, a MINIVAN. That was my dream car. Maybe because it represent domesticity, honestly I have no clue.

My heart has always held a special place for the minivan.

When I got pregnant with Deacon, we decided we needed to upgrade Brian's small truck so that we would have room for two carseats. What did I pushed for??

You guessed it.

Brian said that we would switch cars, there was NO way he would be seen driving a minivan. I was fine with that, I would TOTALLY pimp my dream car!

Just in time for soccer season, we got our "Soccer Mom-mobile":

The only problem is, Brian changed his mind... He loves the van too! It works perfectly for carrying his stuff for work and getting the boys in and out.
So, I have converted him!! He is the proud owner of MY dream car! And he looks like a total stud muffin while he drives it.

It now looks like the rest of society is catching on to what I have know all along, hence the new youtube video rapping about my favorite car on the road:

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