Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boy, Oh Boy!

So, we show up to get our ultrasound done today. I had to take a half day from work to make my 2:30 appointment. When we got to the office they told us they were already an hour behind, so we got comfortable in the waiting room. After an hour and a half they finally call me back to another waiting room to change into the oh-so-fashionable backless gown where I waited another 30 minutes.

A nurse then called me into the hallway where she told me that b/c I am only 16 weeks pregnant, they couldn't see me today, b/c they only do ultrasounds on women who are 18+ weeks. After having waited 2 hours, and taken off work, I was not pleased. Being the hormonal, pregnant woman I am, I started crying (sounds crazy, but I am sure you mommies understand) and told her no, I WAS getting an ultrasound today. The school year just started and I feel bad already having to take off work, plus the DOCTOR had told me that I was getting this done at 16 weeks. The poor nurse wasn't sure what to do with me so she said she would call my doctors nurse and talk to her, but that they do not do ultrasounds before 18 weeks. I told her that was fine and when she was done talking to her, I would like to have a word with her as well.

So, she got the nurse on the phone with me and through more tears (yes, I am a crazy pregnant lady) I told her again that the doctor had said 16 weeks, I took off work, waited 2 hours, and was standing in my underwear and backless gown waiting to be seen. She told me that there was nothing she could do, that they would not do the ultrasound today, but if I liked I could go upstairs and give a piece of my mind to my doctor. I told her I was getting dressed now, and going up to see the doctor.

Poor Brian freaked out when I walked into the waiting room nearly hysterical, thinking something was wrong with the baby, when really his preggo wife was just overreacting a little. So we go upstairs and see my doctor. She is so sweet and understanding, and really felt bad for all of the confusion and me being so upset that she said she would use her ultrasound equipment so that we could confirm the sex and see the baby. I still have to go back in 2 weeks for the extensive ultrasound but was happy to not have wasted the day and got to leave with more pictures of the baby!

We DID confirm that it is a boy (well, the doctor said she was 80% sure, so that's good enough for me), AND we decided on a name!

So without further ado, I present to you our newly named little boy...Deacon Kyle Scott:

Head to the left, looking down

Rubbing his eyes

Still a boy!

I think he is going to look like Brian too!
(If you tilt your head to the left, the round shape in the center is his face, looking directly at you)

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l.borrego said...

Yay for little Deacon! And way to not be a pushover! Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed that I just leave the situation, but then I get home and am like, "NO! I should have..." Way to go home with some much anticipated and promised pictures of Deacon!