Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby #2!

As most of you know, we are thrilled to be adding another member to our family!! Carson's new brother or sister will be here February, 2010. Depending on which dr. you ask, it is either the 18th or the 22nd... So as of today, I am right at 11 weeks, only one week away from the end of my first trimester!! We have been trying to choose between 2 doctors, so we have been blessed with extra ultrasounds! (3 visits already):

6 weeks - Our dr. called this the "double bubble," pretty much just a pic of the yolk sac

Week 8- Head is to the left, can kinda make out an arm and the feet

Week 8 - Head & chest (head to the left) On the ultrasound it looks like the baby is smiling, though the quality of the scanned image isn't as clear

Week 9 - Baby is facing forward, head on top. This one is my favorite b/c you can even see the sweet little face, and the arms and legs! It sure looks to me like there is something between the legs, but the dr. said "that" hasn't formed yet, so it is probably a tail or the umbilical cord.

We are also starting to debate baby names! The girl is pretty much decided, although the middle name isn't set. We are still trying to decide a boy name, and have it narrowed down to two, but the middle name will for sure be Kyle (my maiden name). Help us decide by voting yay or ney on our choices:

If you have any suggestions, leave 'em here! :)

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