Saturday, May 30, 2009


Okay, I love my husband and the many fabulous things he brings to our relationship, but surprises have never been his strong point. I don't think in the seven years of us being a couple he has ever truly surprised me, not because he can't be sweet and romantic, but because he just can't keep fun secrets to himself.

Yesterday was our four year wedding anniversary, and I must say, the BEST one so far! Joni watched Carson so that Brian & I could celebrate. Brian made us reservations at my favorite restaurant: Melting Pot. Melting Pot has the yummiest food that is prepared at your table fondue style. Our reservation was at 8:15 pm last night, giving us time to get ready after work, especially me b/c our school had Park Day yesterday & I was a sweaty, dirty mess.

We had a fabulous dinner, as always, and our waiter was especially entertaining throughout the meal with funny jokes and details about our meal. He started off the meal suggesting the best drink (which I am holding in the pic above) called the Yen & Yang. I wanted something fru-fru last night and this drink was so cute & tasty, it definitely did the trick! He helped us decide our cheese & chocolate fondue as well, and they were equally satisfying. By the time our meal was over we were hurting.

Brian drove us home while I cursed myself for eating so much. We were on the street behind our neighborhood, which is especially narrow & has really deep ditches that run along side it, when Brian pulled out his phone to make a call. His driving scares me enough without deep ditches and cell phones being involved, so I asked him to wait until we pulled into our neighborhood to call work.

The call went something like this:
"How's it going?"
"Are you still busy?"
"Okay, bye."

By this time we had pulled on our street and I could see a truck parked outside our house. I looked at Brian confused not knowing what was going he looked back at me smiling, saying "Happy Anniversary".

All week long I had been telling Brian that I wanted him to call about getting our carpet cleaned and how I wanted to spend the first week of summer doing the heavy-duty cleaning to our house that had been neglected because work has been so crazy. So, while we were dining at my favorite place, my sweet husband had scheduled someone come clean our house and another person to steam our carpet!! How sweet is that!?! I walked from room to room tearing up at the sight of our gleaming house and the fact that Brian had given me my first surprise in seven years!

I'll have to keep him around!

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The Norman Family said...

HE ROCKS! Can he PLEASE call my husband cause that is just awesome! I think that's THE best gift for a working mom - EVER!