Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012: AKA Bennett's 1st Christmas

We had an amazing Christmas!  The boys must have been really good this year because Santa hooked them up!
We started Christmas Eve off at Granny's.  She cooked a great dinner an everyone enjoyed hanging out.

Granny insists we get an all girl picture each year, so I insisted everyone smile for the picture...
and that we get an all boy picture too, since there are so many more of them.
Once we were home it was time to prepare for Santa's arrival.  Carson put out the reindeer food and thought it would be best to throw it on the roof so the reindeer didn't waste time eating from the lawn.
And Santa received carrots instead of cookies. (Carson wants him to eat healthier)
The boys woke up to this:
The big presents included: a roller coaster, water table, lawnmower, car, Skylander Giants, and Nintendo 3DS.
The roller coaster was the biggest hit, and all the boys took a turn (Bennett's turn involved him sitting in the car).
Bennett was the PERFECT age for his first Christmas!  He loved his new toys, and could sit up and play them.
Carson loved everything, including being the big brother who got to help his little brothers open their presents too.
Deacon has a new fascination with our broom, so we decided to get him one his size, named Sweeping Sam.
Once the cousins arrived, we moved the party outside.  As you can see below, the weather was unbelievably warm!  The kids were in shorts and Deacon could play comfortably in his water paper wearing a diaper.
We took a nap and then headed to Brian's parents for another fabulous meal and presents!
I love seeing the brothers play together!  They are going to be the same size before long.
We hope your Christmas was wonderful too!

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