Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bennett: 5 Months

Bennett, 5 months have came and went!!
Last month you weighed 19.5 lbs, wore 9-18 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

You really got the hang of rolling over last month.  If we laid you on your back you wouldn't stay that way long before flopping over to your tummy.
You began playing with toys too! You think Elmo is hilarious and will laugh your head off when he sings to you.  The bouncer and exersaucer have also been used a bunch. 
You finally moved out of your carseat at bedtime and will now sleep in your bassinet.  We are still waiting for you to sleep all night every night before moving you into your nursery, but are happy to share the room with our last baby a little longer.
You began to eat a little more baby food last month.  Your favorite is cereal, but you like peas a lot too.  If we try to give you anything thicker than that you gag and scare us!

You started to realize when we leave you alone for even a moment. You would much rather have someone holding or sitting next to you and have no problem expressing your dissatisfaction when that doesn't happen immediately.
Those little baby teeth of yours aren't making life easy either!  It seems like you have been teething for close to three months now, but no teeth have popped up yet.
You are the perfect age for all of the holidays happening this time of year!  You looked adorable in your costume for your 1st Halloween and are going to love all the lights, music, and presents at Christmas!  And we are going to LOVE having three boys to celebrate with!

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