Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week of Progress

Deacon deserves to celebrate!! He has kicked butt this week by accomplishing two HUGE milestones!!
First up, feeding himself with a spoon:

He has been practicing at therapy, and this week Deacon blew us away by grabbing his spoon and getting all of the food in his mouth with each bite!  He was so proud as we cheered him on!
Now that he is sleeping well in his new room with Carson and also knows how to climb in and out of his crib, we figured it was time to convert him to a toddler bed.  Look how huge he looks standing next to it:

He had no problem climbing in and out
...or jumping!!
It brings tears to my eyes to see how far he has come!  There are so many unknowns with his autism and epilepsy, that no milestone is promised.  It feels amazing to be able to check a couple off the list.
Way to go Deacon!! 
(PS- Have you noticed what a ham he is for the camera!?!)  

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